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My girlfriend is so horny all of the time..

My new girlfriend is really horny all of the time, and I cannot believe some of things that we share. All of my life, I have wanted to meet a girl who is truly liberated. She had to be younger than and it was not until I hooked with my new girlfriend, I met my ideal sexual partner. The first thing that turned me on about her was that she worked for London escorts. She was not shy about it, just came out and told me she works for a London escorts service of www.cityofeve.org.

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sexy london escort

It all started from that night she told she worked with London escorts. She told me that her pussy was hot, and a bit hairy, and it needed a shave. It was a bit like she could see what I was all about, I had always wanted to shave a woman. We went back to her place, and jumped in the shower. I washed her sweet pussy in the shower, and she then stepped out to lie on the floor. That pussy was looking at me, and I could not help but to give it a little kiss.

After that, I dried it off, and put some aloe vera gel on to shave her pussy. As I started to shave that hot pussy, I noticed that I had the biggest hard on that I ever had. It was so huge that it was hurting me, and as I shaved her, I could not wait until slip in her hot pussy. I could not help it, but I had to let my finger slip into her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure and I realised she enjoyed what we were doing. It was her night off from London escorts, so we could play all night.

When she was all smooth, I wiped her pussy down with some warm. It was wet and glistening, and she was laid there on the floor with her legs apart playing with her nipples. All of a sudden, she raised her pelvis towards me, and told me to fuck her. My dick felt gigantic and was aching for that sweet little pussy of hers. As I slipped into her wetness, I felt her grip me. She moaned something that she never felt a dick like that, and I started to fuck her rather savagely. Her tits were slapping about and I felt that she was getting close as she was gripping like made.

She came a few seconds later, and quickly placed my dick in her mouth. A few seconds later, I was having a must amazing deep throat blow job, and I could not believe, when she allowed me to come over those big breasts a little later. Are all London escorts as hot as she is? I am not sure, and I really don’t care about other London escorts. All I care about is that my horny girlfriend stays true to herself, and never stops wanting to suck my dick like she did that night.