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Considering dating older men

I have been working for Kensington escorts services and I am often asked if I date privately. The answer is that I do but I only date older men. It seems odd to some of my fellow Kensington escorts of but there are some real benefits you get when you date older men. As a matter of fact, I am sure that there are many Kensington escorts who date older men, above all they don’t seem to mind us being escorts. However, there are many other reasons why you should consider dating older men as well. Then again, what is old these days? I don’t think 60 is old anymore.

A lot of the men I date are in their mid-50’s or early 60’s. I love dating older men as part of my job for Kensington escorts services but I also do it privately. I think that a lot of older men are more proactive than some of the younger ones. A lot of the guys I meet have their own homes and perhaps a toy like a sailing boat. I have had some great time together with older men both as part of Kensington escorts services, and as a private person. They are just so great to be with.

Another reason I enjoy dating older men is because I always learn something from them. One guy I date privately has had a really interesting life and I can talk to him for hours. He is also a superb chef and cooks all of my favorite dishes. On top of that he has a really active lifestyle and we always enjoy walks in the park with his dog. Working for Kensington escorts services can be kind of intense so it is nice to have somebody to relax with when you are off. Brian doesn’t care at all that I work for Kensington escorts.

We should really learn to appreciate older men. All older men that I have privately, or part of Kensington escorts services, have been super romantic. I know that some of my fellow Kensington escorts speak very highly of them as well. We all appreciate the flowers and the small presents. More than anything we appreciate the little gestures such as opening the door or pulling a chair out. It makes such a different and can make younger guys seem less than sophisticated. Conversation flows easily as well and I think that is important.

Would I marry an older guy? Yes, once I have left the best Kensington escorts Services Agency I think that I would. Some of these guys have such fun lives and I rather be part of that struggle with a young chap to pay off the mortgage. Another thing that really matters is that they are so self-secure. I have said to all of my Kensington escorts girlfriends that I find this really attractive. They have lots of life experience and don’t mind sharing it with you. I have learned a lot from my older men and I think that we really are too much focused on ageism in this country, if you want to give them a call.