The Best Place To Meet Hot Guys

karshnertriplets36asn3Extremely rarely, on online dating websites.
Genuinely hot, desirable, not-batshit-insane guys on dating websites are the unicorns of the online world. You look at their profile with an unnerving mix of excitement and suspicion, unsure of how someone who is in possession of both a well-defined jawline and a reading comprehension superior to the 8th grade is finding themselves looking for romance on the internet. Generally speaking, these men are constructs of our overactive imaginations and a faulty few lines of code. If you actually happen to meet up with one in a real-life date, expect them to burst into a wisp of pink smoke before your very eyes as a cold, metallic voice echoes around you “You thought you would meet a decent guy on OkCupid, but you will die alone, crushed under the weight of your own cats!” followed by a cackle.

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